Hello world!

CharityBo is a non-profit organization that helps businesses and individuals donate deposits from recyclable bottles and cans to charity organizations of their choice. The idea is to serve three different groups:

  1. the charities who receive the donations,
  2. people who are at risk for marginalization and struggle to find employment, and
  3. the companies that need to get rid of their recyclables.

A bit less than 3 weeks ago was a very special day for CharityBo—we transferred the first payment from bottles donated by Brella to PL (the oldest Finnish charity organization). 🎉🎉🎉

For the sake of transparency, here is the data vis-à-vis the first collection. The total driving distance from CharityBo to Brella and back, including the stop in Prisma Kaari to return the bottles, was 35 km and took about one hour. The collected amount was 14.80 euros. Out of this sum, 7.40 euros was paid to PL (the oldest Finnish charity organization), and the other 7.40 euros will be paid to CharityBo's bank account once it is open to cover operating expenses such as gasoline, office rent, bookkeeping, and labor force.

One might say that the 50/50 ratio is not ethical, but at the moment we need an equal split to help us reach the point where we can start increasing the percentage paid to charity organizations. Certain operating costs have to be covered in order for the organization to be able to operate and scale.

Is your company looking for a creative and charitable solution to get rid of recyclables? We would be happy to help you clean your office and help others! Find more information about CharityBo here: